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Dianne Mize


Let's sit down an talk the Art of Teaching Art. All artists need to grow and Dianne tells us how she gets her students involved to learn who they are.

We are excited to announce and extend a warm welcome to a respected and inspirational figure in the realm of Art Instruction. It is with a deep sense of humility and gratitude that we bring on board a mentor who has significantly influenced my own artistic journey, Dianne.

Dianne is not simply an art teacher; she is a guide who helps artists discover their authentic selves through the artistic process. Her unique approach to teaching art is not about replicating her style or techniques, but rather nurturing individual creativity and personal expression. 

She has a unique and effective approach to teaching art that focuses on the breakdown of art into a series of manageable components. Instead of overwhelming her students with a plethora of techniques and styles all at once, Dianne strongly advocates for mastering one aspect at a time. This approach allows students to deeply understand each element, gradually building their skills and confidence.

In Dianne's classes, you will learn that the creation of a painting is akin to a layered approach. Each layer is carefully constructed, each stroke meticulously planned. This methodical approach not only ensures a solid foundation for each painting but also encourages a deeper understanding of the art form itself.

She will inspire you to explore your potential, ignite your creativity, and help you evolve as an artist. We hope you are as excited as we are about this opportunity to learn from such a remarkable teacher!

We look forward to sharing this enriching journey with you. 


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