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"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment"  

      - Will Rogers


   Born and raised in the heart of the American Southwest and what I call the true Lone Star - Dallas Texas. From my early days of building go-karts and rafts I realized way down the road that my  “creative gene” was going to someday lead me to art.

   Well it eventually ended up there. Starting with simple graphite drawings, progressing into charcoal and then oils, I am working up the tree now utilizing acrylics as well as other mediums

 My life road brought me to many places. Even though I did not move away from the Dallas area I kept searching thru the era of Kennedys, wars, Rock and Roll and Moon Landings.

I ended up in technology, married and have a beautiful daughter.

Now I am on the last part of the journey and reveling in building a second career in art - painting and otherwise. My course has taken me into life and the paths that we all travel. I find this especially challenging and fun at the same time. Throughout the trip I am focusing on where people are going. Not just physically but mentally as well.


   That is why I call myself The Painter of Paths.




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