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Pets can be family too...

"Discover the timeless warmth and everlasting joy of owning a breathtaking painting of your beloved pet - a masterpiece that beautifully captures their unique personality, creating a cherished keepsake that will live forever and hold a special place in your heart."

As an Artist, I am also a Dog owner. I know that having a pet can be as close as family. When my dog, Joey passed I decided to do my first portrait of him. I was glad I did. It gives me many memories and pleasure just to look at it and remember.

General Painting

A general image of your pet sitting, playing or just being themselves. My goal is to capture not only their look but also their personality.

Sizes and Prices

I do several different small sizes that are under $125 Larger sizes are available but more information is needed for pricing. All paintings are unframed but you can pick and choose many different frame types for additional cost.

Memorial Portrait

"The painting of our pet now hangs proudly in our home, a reminder of our beloved pet's beauty and spirit, which will always live on in our hearts and minds."

All We Need

All that is needed are pictures or images of your pet. A small deposit fee is required to get the process started. 

How it works


Fill out the form and I will contact you about the project. More photos may be needed or questions may need to be addressed.

Once approved we will accept a small deposit and begin



I will begin to hand paint this beautiful creation



Finalize your payment and choose shipping method



"The painting will go through one or more mock-ups in order to get everything right. This requires you to approve a final one before we go on."



Once approved you will choose between  framed or non-framed painting..

It is my commitment to you to transform your vision into a piece of beautiful artwork.

So how do I start?

All you have to do is fill out the form below and I will get back in touch with you within 48 hours to personally answer all questions you might have and we will make all arrangements needed to get your painting started.

Playing Catch

Yes I am interested

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