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Video Mania

" has the ability to get more attention than most any other medium"

Without a doubt, my love for art and video editing is undeniable. With a versatile background that encompasses both realms, I firmly believe that both hold a significant place in today's art world.


As an artist, I have seamlessly integrated my technical skills into my art business, utilizing video editing to create captivating content for social media platforms and podcasts. Embracing the power of technology has allowed me to connect with a wider audience, enhancing the overall artistic experience.

I have honed my expertise in video editing, social media video, and podcast production, and I am now excited to extend these skills to assist individuals and businesses who are in need of such services.


Whether it's creating captivating video for websites, crafting compelling marketing commercials, producing engaging podcasts, or developing attention-grabbing ad shorts, I offer my talents to cater to various marketing needs. With a mild yet confident stance, I am eager to help others effectively convey their messages and captivate their target audience through multimedia content.

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Artspeak is a creation of mine to get the word out to other Artists. There are just too many choices out there and too many ways to get diverted off track. So I record and edit every episode to where it informs and delights art viewers.



Artist 2 Artist is another podcast I get involved with where we put Artists of the Internet on the stool to talk about what they believe painting is and how it should be done. We go behind-the-scenes and talk what it entails to be a professional artist.


Video Editing for Website and Social Media

The two programs above are just the start of where I see video is going. Podcasts, Social Media, Websites are all avenues of tomorrow where Video gets engagement beyond text and audio. That is why I am now offering my services to help those who want Video but do not have the expense or time to get it done

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