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As I was attempting to get out of bed this morning I thought back on the number of times I was in this position. And every time was an attempt to get the best foot on the ground in order to have the best day. It did not always work out that way. But at least I attempted.

I have come to find that getting your engines started for the day just didn't take the initiative to get out of bed properly. It took many days, many years to get out of bed improperly to begin to understand it is not just a decision but a determination.

" is not just putting out your best foot first thing in the morning. It's staying determined that you stick to your plan and not give up."

As in race car driving, getting to the Indy 500 is just not a decision one says "oh, I guess I will go drive in Indy this year". It can take years and even a lifetime to get to that starting line. It takes years on the racing circuit. An inordinate amount of wins. A deep knowledge of racing cars. And applying all the mistakes to correcting them. Making yourself the best. Only then do you have a very good chance of making it to that starting line. Never impossible but never easy.

What most people want to see is the race and winners. What most never see is what goes on behind the scenes of individuals who are attempting to make their lives better. Living out that day to day rat race we call life to the best of their ability. And eventually getting a handle on how to do that with all the bumps and grinds and crap that life throws at you.

So if you have not yet done it

"Start Your Engines!"

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