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The Artist and Social Media

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Different strokes for Different folks

When it comes to Social Media Marketing some people I found are not cut out for it.

In my real job world I was an aging technical developer which gave me a little bit of a leg up on SM. More than other artists but not by a lot. So when I retired at the end of 2019 I said to myself I will take my art to the internet and tell everybody. Well in order to do so you had to play the game which I did not know. And that was Business Marketing not Painting. And you had to play the game by the rules which I also did not know..

After over 2 years of Covid and constant research I found out that not many people knew the Rules. Not even the so-called experts. And I was asking myself "Where are these Rules written down?" Come to find out that nobody could answer that question completely, honestly or at all.

"I was swimming in a soup of entrepreneurs that were making money off wasting people's time"

Because of Covid and change I found that surviving off of any single platform such as Facebook or Instagram was risky if you did not have any other avenues than just those.

Another realization I found is most artists are not cut out for this. Not just because it is so unknown and secretive but they are artists, not technologists. So what do they do? They go invest and rely in a system. A system that may or may not work. May or may not take a lot of their time to invest to make it work. They invest in Experts that may or may not be honest and may be unable to take all their time to customize their system to your needs.

Let me be very clear here when I say....


You have to do the best you can with what you have in order to make it work as advertised. Even if you dedicate all your time to your investment and stay loyal to the program that does not mean it will work for you.

So what I advise for most artists is if you want Social Marketing you have to do your best in researching what is out there. I started out and invested unwisely over time and made many mistakes

So I changed my tune. I do not take anybody's word on what is best - I take everybody's word and then I research more.

As I have already mentioned -- this is 2022 about to become 2023. If you believe things will remain the same and those things that worked last year will also apply to the new year then you need help.

The artists who truly get this are on a successful journey. Those that aren't don't even know what road they are on and begin trusting others opinions and become just sitting ducks.

This has been my 2 years of research and messing with Reality.

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